Posted by: aquaplusflora | January 28, 2011

At Long Last

It has taken me months to find a suitable name for my blog but finally inspiration did its thing and here it is.  I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey in creating  colours on fibre and fabric using water and plants plus the odd meander into the land of stitch, knitting and felt.


  1. I like the name you have chosen it has a beautiful ring to it with the visual words of aqua and flora creating a feel already, look forward to following your blog.

  2. Beautiful colours, beautiful hand stitching. I’ll be following your work with a keen interest Jo.
    Wishing you all good wishes in this new venture.
    Lots of love, Suzy

  3. Jo – love this blog. Your photos are beautiful as is your work. Looking forward to reading more and sharing ideas when we catch up

  4. lovely lovely….shall add you to my side-bar…

  5. Hi Jo, What a fab name. Can hardly wait to see lots more, even a photo-essay would be marvellous about the wondrous mix of water with plants. Sylvie

  6. It’s a wonderful thing, well done you. Look forward to updates…so cool 🙂

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