Posted by: aquaplusflora | February 21, 2011

Sneaking a Moment between Open Homes

We are in the process of changing homes and in the middle of all the hardwork and chaos of preparing our house for the market, I flew off to be part of India’s 5 day Feltquilt workshop at Dairy Flat just north of Auckland.

(See India’s website – –  for those who aren’t familair with her work)

All my dye pots have been temporarily put away (well stashed at the end of our deck) so it was heaven to be enjoying

windfall walks


and learning how to put it all together

so of course 10 minutes after the Open Home on Sunday, the dining table looked like this

and all the cares of the world disappeared



  1. That looks more like your dining room table. Meant to write before, the site looks great – and the work! I look forward to more posts.

  2. oh you made me smile Jo with your dining room table 5 minutes after the open home.

  3. Good for you Jo, I’m looking forward to visiting this space often, and can’t wait to meet up and hear all about the India Flint Workshop.

  4. Well done Jo for managing to squeeze in some blogging. Mine has never been updated even with Yoshiko’s or India’s workshops… *hanging my head in shame* Look forward to more posts! xxx

  5. It’s like you could hardly wait for the house inspectors to leave before spreading the more important and closest things to your heart, out on your table. It all looks so beautiful and love all the little bundles wrapped up in bags ready soon to be revealed.
    It is wonderful work to be doing to calm the heart and soul during this busy time of change.
    Love and hugs, Suzy

  6. did you find the lost bit, my dear?

    • thankfully yes – had to take everything out again but there it was tucked away in something else – I think there was a little game of hide and seek going on – tricky stuff this magic!

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