Posted by: aquaplusflora | February 22, 2011

Bundle Resists


normally I prefer the resist lines which occur when you bundle a piece to be at the

bottom of the garment

but for a change I decided to have them at the top of this silk shift

and now I am using them as stitching lines

they are like little tracks

leading from one piece of the work to another

of course lots of this will disappear when its overdyed

but thats ok because I will still know they are there



  1. Looking very nice all those resist lines. That thread you are using looks very silky –
    I was wondering what it was??!!
    Jo that earthquake in Christchurch is really devestating! Did you receive any effect
    from them in Nelson?
    Was going to say yesterday India’s link might have to have blogspot rather than com. as when you click on it is says that it is invalid.
    Hugs, Suzy

    • Hi Suzy,

      Yes it is silk thread, the link for India is to her website and worked ok when I tried it just now. Re the earthquake, it is absolutel awful and although we didn’t feel it physically here this time, I certainly don’t feel too good – as you know that kind of energy works on lots of different levels. I just feel for all the people in Christchurch as no one will be left untouched, and all the beautiful old buildings which were so much a part of central Ch/ch’s character are now in ruins.

      jo xx

  2. taking a line for a walk… does find me, but the link has Jo’s wordpress address attached as well, which rather upsets the process…never mind

  3. re last comment, maybe that’s a mac-trick?

    • its a bit confusing isn’t it – still grabbing moments here and there to do this, so the finer points need further exploration – I’ll get there – in the meantime I’ve edited the post to take the link out and just give the web address instead, so that should help jxx

  4. love the stitching Jo. xg

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