Posted by: aquaplusflora | February 27, 2011

Still Stitching

as you can see I have started working on a new panel

still stitching on my resist lines and seeing where they take me



and everywhere

I also seem to be spending lots of time making these tiny little stitches at the moment

somehow they are very soothing amongst all the chaos that is happening on our beautiful island    in fact the little whirlpool of stitches above just had to be stitched after I saw an image on TV  –          a patch of road on a Christchurch street had become exactly that

one minute solid road –  the next a very active whirlpool


  1. i saw that image. terrifying.

    on a lighter note, it seems to me that stitchers, like spinners, make finer and finer marks/threads…

    oh and here’s a nice link you might like to explore

    • thanks india – a must for my next visit to Brisbane jxx

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