Posted by: aquaplusflora | March 12, 2011

A Different Kind Of Stitching

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I love to make socks

For years I watched my mother knitting amazing socks but always thought it was too hard and fiddly – then you guessed it, I did give it a go and of course that was that.

I have a friend who is a Swami and her vows mean that she only wears orange and orange socks aren’t always the easiest things to come by so

here they are – eco dyed of course!

They started out as a rectangular piece of knitting

which was then printed with onion skins and “silver dollar” gum

then knitted from the dyed piece.

I am carrying on the great tradition of the yogis

who only ever used plant dyes for their robes,

so now my friend can carry on in their tradition too


  1. I knew it might be soon that we might see some of your gorgeous eco dyed woollen socks. How yummy and warm they will be. Do people ever call you the “sock lady” as they often call me the “egg lady”? We never tire of that colour produced from the onion skins! Beautiful work Jo.
    Much love, Suzy

  2. Morning Jo – what a neat way to ecodye( and print ) the wool – knitted up then unravelled. Beautiful socks. Gives such an interesting and unexpected variation in colour. Inspired.

  3. i treasure my ‘jo sox’ – there’s an olive/gold/orange pair that actually live ON my bedside table at present because i like to look at them
    i think there’s something particularly magical about creating a thing of beauty [ie your knitted rectangle] and then unravelling it and making something else beautiful
    but knowing there is this memory of a beautiful image that is hidden between the layers
    a bit like the jewellery i was shown somewhere once, bracelets made of leather, with a precious stone stitched into a small pouch..there , but not there, because only the wearer knew they were wearing an amethyst/ruby,gold nugget…

  4. Suzy – not yet! Gin – yes, two surprises for the price of one and India – you are too kind – and yes, I love the hidden treasure side of working like this. jxx

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