Posted by: aquaplusflora | March 24, 2011

Out of the Pot

The experiments with the Hawthorn in the iron pot have given some lovely prints and I especially like the soft dark grey it has produced on the silk fabric

whilst out walking recently I found a big limb from a eucalyptus that had come down in the wind – just what I needed

then I discovered a NZ native shrub just outside the gallery I was working at earlier in the week that looked pretty interesting – must find out its name

and finally I gathered some leaves from the pohutukawa tree growing in our garden

overall I was happy with the results but I think I will have to improve my photographic skills if I want people to be able to have a better idea of what the pieces really look like


  1. very cool – lovely gentle colours. Especially like the one with all the little stalks in a row just above the pohutukawa…..

    • its frustrating as the photos don’t really do the colours justice – will just have to see how I can improve them jxx

  2. if you have a Mac you can fix the colour in the ‘edit’ department of iPhoto
    i use Photoshop>image>adjustments>curves
    is a reasonable sequence for tweaking things back to reality…

    • thanks for that – I do have a mac (of course) but I don’t have P/shop but David has – I just tried the enhance thingy and that has made a huge difference – will explore more later

      hope all your upcoming busyness goes smoothly oxxo

  3. Hi Jo…I can see each addition to the dyepot (I think) – the final result is gorgeous and they colours blend so beautifully! I love the leaves at the end.
    Did all of these plant materials go in together or did you dye with the hawthorn in the pot with the other plant materials tied into the silk? Does that make sense?
    Do you have something in mind for this piece?

  4. And, of course, my love goes without saying (I just left it off ! whoops!).

  5. Jo, your work is beautfiul
    I feel filled to the brim.

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