Posted by: aquaplusflora | March 29, 2011

Lucky Me

The other day I was given these beautiful flowers which were just buds when I received them

and look at them now – glorious

and today my friend Pat, who as you can see is a wonderful weaver, presented me with this beautiful throw that she has just completed

using Leicester yarn kindly given to me by India which, I might add, is spun from fleece from her very own flock of sheep

originally I thought I would dye the wrap  (using eco colour of course)  but when I saw it on the loom I decided I would resist the temptation and leave well alone

thank you Pat and India –  tis a treasure indeed






  1. Hi Jo
    Those lillies are absolutely beautiful and I bet they smell divine as well!
    That hand woven wrap will be just the warmest on you Jo – I can see it over
    your knees or around your shoulders whilst sitting in the evening knitting or stitching.
    As you say, it looks lovelyl as it is – it is made so beautifully!
    Does India spin as well?
    Cherie, our fine old lady, is travelling very well at present although rather wobbly on
    her feet!
    We have daylight saving still but I think the change will be on the weekend??!!
    A big hug to you,

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