Posted by: aquaplusflora | April 18, 2011

Bread and Butter on the Line

After another wonderful Dye Day with my friends from the  Nelson Eco Colour Group I came home with lots of bundles and couldn’t wait for them to reveal their secrets – however I did manage to restrain myself for a couple of days and then early one morning I just had to get up and unwrap my “presents”

As you can see they are silk scarves – even though they are my bread and butter work I love them as each one is a unique piece of “nature art”

 I say three cheers for bread and butter as you can imagine my pleasure when I hear

that this one has been bought for a grandmother’s birthday

or that one is for someone’s mother who is undergoing chemo

or that a tourist just had to have one as a reminder of their visit to NZ

and off they go to start a whole new adventure with their new owners


  1. Jo these are all so beautiful. But, of course, we all have to have a favourite or two so I particularly love, in the first image, the 2nd from the left and the last one on the end. Will they be in the Gallery
    in time for Easter.
    Yes the leaf pattern in the 2nd one really appeals to me.
    Love and hugs to you Jo,
    Suzy xxx

    • Hi Suzy The first one you like is done with claret ash and the other is a combination of griselinia and eucalyptus cinerera, both done in a dark mixture in an iron pot. And yes, they have all gone off to the Suter (our regional gallery) shop to help keep the b and b on the plate – and as you know, I do love my b and b xxx

  2. just delicious. all of them!

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