Posted by: aquaplusflora | April 29, 2011

Pixies in the Dye Pot

For ages I have tried and tried to get good prints from autumn leaves – after many disappointments but determined not give give up

I finally have had success with leaves from a beautiful little stand of Pin Oaks which are now turning the most stunning red

here they are on silk -oh I was so happy

then I remembered I had a pieces of merino tube (perfect for a skirt)

and decided to mix it up with some late prunus leaves

and voila –  a new winter skirt

by now you are probably wondering where do the pixies come in to it –

well when I was ironing the silk and feeling pretty pleased with myself I discovered the dye pot “pixies” had decided to have a bit of a laugh

and had added a little clown –

 just to remind me not to take myself too seriously!


  1. oh Jo that is such a funny story – I did laugh out loud. Thank you

  2. tee hee

  3. this is great……………..

  4. it is pretty funny – at first I thought the little fellow looked a bit evil but I must admit he is growing on me – or maybe I’m just getting used to him

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