Posted by: aquaplusflora | May 12, 2011

3 Skirts on the Line

The abundant autumn leaves are providing a great opportunity to embellish simple winter skirts and turn them into things of wonder – there were 3 on the washing line this morning

above are my good Australian friends – grevillea robusta and eucalyptus nicholii providing some particularly good prints (not really autumn leaves but never mind)

 I really love this bottom section of the skirt

the next is a mixed lot including japanese maple, hydrangea, smoke bush and liquidamber in a choisya ternata dye bath

as you can see, they were literally on the line

 here is the third – a mix of pin oak and prunus

whoops – bit too much sun on the top right hand corner but you get the idea

here is what you can see when you look more closely


  1. Jo what fantastic results – you can see very clearly each named leaf’s imprint on the fabric. Just gorgeous!
    I am not sure what Choisya Ternata dye bath is!!??
    I hope all is going well with you!
    Thanks also for your lovely comment left on my Mother’s Day post.
    I gather there is little news on the home front!!??
    lots of love to you,

    • Hi Suzy – a choisya ternata dye bath is simply a lot of choisya cut up and boiled in the dye pot with water – it gives a lovely green (even better if in a copper pot) and smells awful so I only use it when I can work outside. You probably have some in your garden and know it as Mexican Orange Blossom. joxxx

  2. delicious. all of them. xo

  3. such wondrous things to see at this site Jo… love the images of you all at work around the pots on the fire…such an archetypal image really!

    Thanks for great comment on the poem Jo. I was sent it by someone who later admitted that the acknowledgement was their own handiwork and I should not have posted that as well.
    Whoops… but I may just leave it.

  4. inspiring Jo – such a range of colours and good clear shapes. your winter fabric/stock must have arrived – just in time with all the goodies around. Lovely post as ever x G

  5. […] leafy and green and just beginning to flower. Inspired by blog posts I’d read like Aqua and Flora and Debbie Herd, I ran a dyepot with no modifier and got a beautiful yellow. Then, I modified with […]

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