Posted by: aquaplusflora | June 13, 2011

Rain, rain, rain…….

It has been very wet and relatively warm here this autumn/winter – much more than ususal and of course when that happens you can expect the unusual

coming out the front door the other day I saw something that looked like a piece of plastic or coral near the black bamboo –

on closer inspection I saw it was a most amazing fungus

this morning I went to see it again and really loved the way its starting to dry out – then I saw some of it’s friends – lots of them had a small beech leaf on top of their caps

then I spied what just might be another “coral” – it was great to find it before it opens

if anyone can identify my “coral” I would love to know what it is

and not much to show on the dyeing front as I have been helping friends with theirs – hopefully they will be happy to have their results posted here some time soon


  1. could that curious creature be a morel?
    there are some here
    so you can compare…

    • I thought you might have a suggestion, but sadly no, after looking at Pete’s pic I’m pretty sure they aren’t – this one is hollow inside – most peculiar – hope you are having fun – w/shop pics sure look like it jxx

  2. Hi Jo
    How are you going?
    Would not have a clue what sort of fungus this is. Jeff has seen them also in NZ but
    not in Australia! Hope you have been able to get some of your own dyeing into the pots.
    Love and hugs, Suzy

  3. Just going back through your posts and came to this one. In my Australian fungi book there is one very simliar called Ileodictyon gracile, Basket or Lattice Fungus. So that might be a good place to start.

    • thanks for that Trace – I will have to go exploring!

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