Posted by: aquaplusflora | July 22, 2011

Where did the prints go?

Now that it is mid-winter in this part of the world, my attention over the past month or so has turned to working with merino cowls and silk velvet scarves.  As usual the merino has been giving some lovely prints but when I went to print on the silk velvet it was another story – all I could get were some rather disappointing smudges – abstract and subtle are ok but its not what I was aiming for and certainly nothing like the great prints I got last winter.

So I decided to see what would happen if I overdyed them and here is the result – not quite a print but at least a big more interesting than a smudge.

Wondering where I had gone wrong and fearing I had lost my touch with silk velvet I brewed up a new dye bath in my trusty iron pot, bundled some eucalyptus nicholii on a new piece of silk velvet and into the pot it went –  this is what came out this morning, phew.

I love how clearly you can see the form of the little branch on this one below

Just for good measure I put a habotai silk bundle with nicholii into the pot at the same time – interesting how the same plant, dye bath and pot can give such different results on different fabrics.

The leaves I used to create the dye bath were purple akeake (dodonaea viscosa “Purpurea”)  – here is what it looks like printed on habotai silk – in an iron pot again but with a dye bath made from rose stems this time.

I will certainly be using it again!


  1. they look pretty good to me – and i think, just for the record…akeake is of the dodonea genus? just in case somebody is racing off to ask for it at a nursery. Australia claims it as a native as well [endemic to our area here, oddly enough – though our climates are so very different!] xo

  2. you are quite right India – it is dodonaea – a typo on my part with my fingers hitting the keys next to the o and n instead of on them – interesting that they are endimic to your area too – my next door neighbour had a big prune up and left all the cuttings on their front naturestrip – guess who was seen the next day scabbling in amongst it all, rescuing treasures and dragging them back to my place xo

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