Posted by: aquaplusflora | August 11, 2011

New Sox

In one of my April blogs I showed this pic of naturally dyed merino yarns

and some of them have incarnated into a new form

they have been on the needles for some time but were completed during a recent stay in Auckland

I find sox a great knitting project when travelling as everything I need fits into this beautiful little Japanese bag that I bought in Sydney years ago – long before I took up knitting sox

now its time to delve into my yarn stash (naturally dyed of course) and work out what colour combination I’m going to use for the next pair  – despite all my other creative endeavours calling for  attention, I always like to have some sox “on the go”


  1. stripy sox with orange toes! exquisite….

  2. Gorgeous yarns! How did you get the lovely pink? I looked at the April post, and that is a very interesting way to dye your yarn. I am intrigued

    • hello honeysuckleblue

      thanks for dropping by – the pink came from the flowers of Pineapple Sage (see May 27 post) which I used to solar dye the yarn and a number of other things as well

      solar dyeing is a great way to use those delicate flowers that would just turn brown when heated in the dye pot – its certainly worth having a go


  3. Dear Jo,

    Lovely socks and I like your Japanese travelling-socks-knitting bag. I do the same but keep breaking needles in my travel bag – used to be tortoise shell while I still had some, Ivory brand lately. So question: what needles do you travel with which, I assume, don’t break in that lovely bag? On socks, I’ve only knitted a few pair, but love the tradition which my 94-year-old godmother along with an elderly friend (and Patons!) taught me to do and I agree it’s a lovely project to take travelling. Cheerio, Jenny Weissel.

    • Hi Jenny Thanks for your kind comments – I use Knit Pro bamboo double pointed needles and haven’t had any break so far and they do a lot of travelling, especially between New Zealand and Australia! Regards Jo

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