Posted by: aquaplusflora | December 7, 2011

Back Again

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I have been absent for quite a while – preparing the house for sale (again), doing some markets, having visitors from Australia and trying to get a new venture off the ground with my friend Ronnie have all taken up my time.

But there is always time for socks – here is another pair using my deconstruct/reconstruct method

A friend machine knitted 100 gm merino 4 ply into a 60 sts wide strip, I then tied it into knots and dropped it into a red cabbage/alum dye bath

Then I knit direct from the dyed strip

You never know how its going to turn out and in this case I have lost some of those lovely mid-blue/grey tones and the pale bits are too high in contrast for my taste

but thas ok because when they are finished they can just go into another dye bath!

And here is a picture of my feline friend – just because she is so beautiful


  1. Hi Jo
    Great to see you back posting! Yes all of those things take our time away from our creative passions but it is called “living” . The socks look great.
    I know that you love blues and as you say you can always overdye if they are not quite as you would have liked them.
    Looking forward to a chat soon!
    Love and hugs,

  2. glad to see you back and with such a lovely project. I think this will finally tip me over the edge into making socks. love to you and good luck with the house – may the right person stroll up your drive somewhen SOON xx Ginx

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