Posted by: aquaplusflora | March 11, 2012

Five Little Prayer Flags

I thought I would show you a sneak preview of my second entry for Changing Threads.

I have been notified that it has also been accepted for the second round of judging so hopefully it will go through into the exhibition too.

I started work on this series in February 2011 after doing a Feltquilt workshop with India Flint.  (To give credit where its due, it was she who suggested some of my pieces could work as prayer flags rather than being joined together to make a quilt)

I was stitching away when I heard the news on the radio that there had been another devastating earthquake in Christchurch.

I found that the simple act of stitching helped me deal with the grief and shock I was feeling at that time.

Other things took priority for my time and I had to put away the pieces I had completed.

When it came time to think about entries for Changing Threads, I decided to finish the series. In February this year it was time for them to go into the dyebath

In the universal language of colour, pink means unconditional love and compassion and as Griselinia leaves give pink prints that’s what I decided to use for these little prayer flags.  The pieces were bundled with the leaves and then put into  a Kowhia dye bath (which gives a beautiful pale green –  the colour of the heart – perfect).


  1. i’m still blessing the day that Rachelle Toimata picked up a wilted yellow Griselinia leaf and included it in her windfall walk bundle, so that we could all delight in its beautiful pink print

    New Zealand is full of extraordinary plants that give delightful colours…Kowhai is another favourite of mine too. your post reminds me that i’ve been too long away!

    • well I can only agree with all of that – we will just have to see how we can lure you back sooner rather than later jxx

  2. I love your eco dyed fabrics, the stitching, the prayer flags. Beautiful.

    • thank you so much jenclair – i really love working with these materials and already have another set (three this time) in mind – just need the time to start on them!

  3. Oh yes – those Grisilinea are magic. Always a buzz to catch up on the next step of your work Jo. I’ve been hanging out to see these little beauties…..and Indi – we miss you too. xx Gin

  4. Hello Jo
    Your prayer flags are so very beautiful and the colours described are so delicate. I really love the random patchwork effect and now my mind is running in overdrive with the endless possibilities from these rectangles.
    Can’t wait to see the next ones!
    The stitching is beautiful and it is so comforting to sit with the kantha stitch.
    Hope your spirits are up! No news on the sale?
    Big hugs Jo,
    Love, Suzy xox

    • Thanks so much for your comments Suzy – they are looking pretty good in the Changing Threads exhibition at the moment – I will have to take a pic of them surrounded by the other beautiful pieces. Apparently Colin’s Bed got a mention in the Awards speech at the exhibition opening – unfortunately I was feeling unwell and had to go home before the speeches, but its nice to know it was thought worthy of a mention. No news on the sale – you would have heard by now if there was. lots of love joxx

  5. these are lovely things

    • thank you so much Velma – I am looking forward to making more – I would especially like to make a healing series and a meditation one – just need to find the time love jo

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