Jo Kinross – residing at the top of the South Island in New Zealand – a place of great natural beauty and lots of creative people! Interests include eco colour, natural fibres and textiles,  japanese textiles, boro, knitting – especially socks, felting, organics, the sea, caring for our environment, heritage buildings, networking, vibrational healing, life long learning, music, vegie/vegan food and spirituality


  1. hey there, jo, found your spot on the web through your comment on my blog. you’re up to some interesting things… and you’re in n.z. it looks like i may be coming in 2012 to beautiful silks and perhaps do several workshops…and maybe we’ll someday meet!

  2. Hi Jo
    just getting into natural dyeing and using my garden and plants colour when you do the leaf prints do you just simmer them ?

    • Hi Chrissie

      I can see from your posts on “found, stitched and dyed” that you are familiar with India’s methods and her book “Eco Colour” is fantastic for a range of techniques including eco prints. I use a couple of techniques to gain my prints – the main ones being simmering my bundle in a dye bath for a couple of hours and then leaving it in there at least overnight, simmering a bundle in a pot of water without any dye matter and the third is steaming. Again from “Eco Colour” you will see that the type of pot you use will influence your outcomes as will the type of fabric.

      Hope your dyeing and stitching gives you as much pleasure as mine does.

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for the post about this exhibition. I am putting together an exhibition proposal at the moment – photographic, and this is a good inspiration. 🙂

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