Posted by: aquaplusflora | July 11, 2012

Where did those 3 months go?

I have been here, there and everywhere in the last 3 months – they seem to have gone by in a flash

  At least someone around here is looking pretty laid back and relaxed – our next door neighbour thinks our Japanese garden is the perfect place for some R & R

Both my pieces were accepted in the Changing Threads show and Colin’s Bed even got a special mention at the Opening

But the thing I have enjoyed most in the last 3 months was going to Brisbane with my friend Ronnie (thats her below)  for Dorothy Caldwell’s workshop

I learnt lots, caught up with old friends, made new ones and generally had a wonderful time

I was determined that all my fabrics and threads would be naturally dyed so had quite a bit to do before leaving home but it was worth it in the end

This rather messy object is a mixed media book – I did manage to finish it but my assembly techniques can certainly do with some practice

Now I am working on several pieces for a joint exhibition to be held here in Nelson in October

This is a detail from the first panel in a triptych and consists of eco prints, natural dyes and stitching – I am already putting some of the things I learnt at Dorothy’s workshop to good use


  1. Look forward to seeing your mixed media book. Make sure to bring it along on Monday, please!

    • shall do – its still a bit messy but I really like it anyway jxx

  2. Looks like fun creating!
    I haven’t yet dyed threads, only pieces of silk or wool tops and yarn.
    what is your favourite type and do you just immerse a whole reel of thread?

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